Optimising Landing Pages

Understanding your target audiences and the typical buyer’s process helps us to create an optimized online lead generation process that continuously works behind the scenes to keep your pipeline full of leads.

Here are just a few of the services our lead generation strategies cover:

When you generate content that helps people make informed purchases, they will happily register and request that you continue to send them useful information. The type of content that works best in each case will vary. We produce whitepapers, e-books, buyer’s guides, infographics, presentations, webinars/seminars, case studies, drip e-mail campaigns, and so much more.

These pages are designed specifically to generate business leads and convert visitors into prospects. The pages contain a benefit-focused description of your premium content offering and an optimized web form to collect information and enable prospects to opt-in for future marketing communication.

These pages are designed specifically to generate business leads and convert visitors into prospects. The pages contain a benefit-focused description of your premium content offering and an optimized web form to collect information and enable prospects to opt-in for future marketing communication.

An analytics implementation that has been customized to your marketing and sales processes offers an opportunity for continual improvement and efficiency. By knowing which channels and content result in the most qualified leads, you can optimize every dime that you spend on marketing.

Say good-bye to cold calls. They don’t work. Instead, use your website to generate leads and establish a positive relationships with interested buyers.

Crafting a Traffic Flow

Developing a demand generation strategy will produce a continual stream of the quality visitors.

Once we have a thorough understanding of your target audiences and what they are looking for online, we work with you to craft a strategy designed to bring a steady stream of the right people to your website.

Our strategies are customized to meet the goals of each client’s specific business. Here are some of the services we provide:

By getting to know your target audiences, we can determine which phrases they actually use to find companies like yours. The next step is optimizing your entire site and the content on each individual page to rank higher in search results for the right keywords.

A recent poll from GlobalWebIndex showed that people spend 28% of their online time (1.72 hours daily) on social media platforms. We will help you cast a wider net on social media to attract your target audience and streamline the path from your social profiles to your website.

When fueled by audience research, business blogging can deliver highly relevant and useful information to the very people you are trying to reach. When you combine this catalog of helpful content with the massive reach of social media, your audience will grow with every new post.

While some tactics can take weeks or even months to start paying dividends, pay-per-click search advertising has the potential to deliver interested visitors to your site immediately. We will help you optimize your advertising efforts to produce the best possible results at a reasonable cost.

Once you start receiving a steady stream of qualified visitors to your site, you can more easily identify which leads are most likely to buy your products and services. The great thing about HOT Solutions’ long-term approach to growing your audience is that with every passing day, your ability to drive traffic to your site only increases.

Marketing Automation

Let us help you nurture leads and close more sales with e-mail and marketing automation.

If your website doesn’t help your company make money, it isn’t doing its job. Lead generation is critical, but it’s usually just the beginning of a relationship. You need to nurture your prospects to keep them interested and informed until the moment they become a customer.

Timing is key when you are staying in touch with a prospect. If you come on too strong when they aren’t ready to buy, you could annoy them into opting out of future communications. However, if you connect with your prospects too infrequently, they might forget about you and go to a competitor when its time to make a purchase.

Integrating consistent e-mail marketing with marketing automation principles help you identify the time when a prospect is actively looking to buy. This can dramatically increase your sales, and HOT Solutions will show you how.

Make more money with marketing automation.

When it’s time to make a purchase, your soon-to-be customers should know the important facts about your company, what you sell, and how it’s going to improve their lives. Smart automation tactics and consistent e-mail marketing ensure that your target audience know your strengths and your competitors’ weaknesses when it’s decision-making time.

Most of the time, our nurturing and automation strategies will cover:

  • The more you learn about your leads over the course of your relationships with them, the more effectively you can communicate value. We help our clients set up a data-centric system to learn more about individual leads. Then, we can effectively personalize the content to deliver the right message at the right time.

Whether you need to communicate with leads that have gone cold or you know a purchase decision is just beyond the horizon, lead nurturing will help you keep your name at top of mind. This is a great way to handle common marketing challenges.

E-mail marketing is still one of the most effective ways to communicate with your customers directly in their inboxes, whether they’re using desktop computers or mobile devices. This tried and true communication method just needs to be done right. So long as you continually test, measure, learn and improve — e-mail can help you achieve an impressive ROI.

Customized measurement for consistently improved efficiency is one of HOT Solutions’ basic tenants. We create a custom metrics plan around your company’s business goals and use those numbers to learn what works and what doesn’t.

Sometimes, after months of hard work, closing the deal can be the biggest challenge of all. We help make sure you are speaking to educated, qualified, and high-value sales leads who fully understands your unique value proposition when it comes time to make a purchase.

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