10 Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads Don't Work!!!

Facebook Ads Frustration

The TOP 10 MAIN reasons your Facebook Ads are not workingā€¦šŸ˜±šŸ˜±šŸ˜±

This is a pattern I’ve seen OVER and OVER again after working with many clients and talking to multiple people.

I’ll be posting more specifically about each one, but here’s a quick summary:

1. Campaign Objective

Firstly, setting the WRONG campaign objective in your Facebook Ads. This is a BIG one. Most of the time conversions are the way to go, not all times, though however so choose wisely which outcome you are trying to achieve from your ad spend.

2. Budget Burn

You’re waiting too long to turn off your Facebook ads…

Yep…you don’t need to wait too long. Costs are high, therefore there is something wrong with your ad and you need to fix it rather than you burn your budget out?? TURN THEM OFF!!!

3. Metric Matter

You’re focusing on the wrong metrics!!! Your KPI’s are important, so make sure you set up your Facebook Ads reporting to clearly indicate performance against your KPI’s. You cannot optimize if you don’t focus on the RIGHT things.

4. It Gets Personal

Emotional action …Yep, a big one. I get it. Your Facebook ads are important and it’s your money you’re spending.

Emotional action will just make it worse, believe me, I’ve been there done that and got the T-shirt.

5. Money Is Not The Answer


You’re not getting results. So what do you do?

You assume that’s because your budget is too low, so you increase it.

NOOOOO! Stop it! This WILL NOT solve the problem. FOCUS on finding the root of the problem so you can solve it. Then and only then can you scale your Facebook ads with an increased budget.

6. Targeting Terror

You have “INTEREST SALAD” LOL. Your Facebook ad sets have WAY TOO many interests in them…this WILL NOT work. You need to pick a clear targeting group and not confuse the algorithm with too many variables.

7. Pixel Power

Most Importantly, not using the Facebook pixel correctly or not taking advantage of its FULL SUPER POWERS šŸ˜‰ THIS IS MASSIVE! So many, businesses, even developers don’t know how to install the pixel correctly, therefore they lose out on so much potential power and get less from their Facebook ad spend.

8. Sex Sells

You’ve got the WRONG OFFER or an offer that’s not SEXY enough. Not going to deep on this one!!

I’m sure you’ve heard me talking about this lately šŸ˜‰

9. Rules Are Not Meant To Be Broken

You’ve got too many disapprovals, therefore over time you are going being penalised by the Facebook ad compliance gods!

Yep…it reflects on your account.

10. Funnel Failure

Your funnel or website is not optimized to collect leads or to make sales šŸ˜£ It’s painful but fixable because all you need to do is refine the funnel one step at a time and find the point where it breaks down, once fixed you can run Facebook ads to the offer.

In conclusion, I hope this helps you identify the root of the problem, however, if you really donā€™t know where your ads are failing or where your funnel is not performing, book a call and we can discuss how HOT Solutions can take the pain out of your social media marketing.

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